Network Information Center

Network Information Center

Our university network was first founded in the year 1995. In June 2000, after the setting up of the new Jilin University, the networks of the original five campuses was integrated, interlinked, upgraded and further constructed; at present our university network has the widest coverage in the whole country.

Our university network had a tree structure with many levels, and it is distributed into the five campuses, namely the Qianwei Campus, the Northern Campus, the Nanling Campus, the Xinmin Campus, the Chaoyang Campus and the Nanhu Campus. The five regional networks are linked by optical fiber and together they form the backbone of our university network. This backbone network connects together all the computers on the five campuses and makes our network of a city level.

On different campuses, our university network has covered all the administrative buildings, all the student dorms and 95% of the buildings for our staff. The total number of the buildings which are connected amounts to 407, among which the main buildings are connected to the main node with one thousand mega volume and other buildings are connected with one hundred mega. At present, the dorms for more than 60 thousand students and the dwelling houses for our staff of more than 10 thousand people are well-prepared to be connected and this provides our students and staff with the convenience for online study, communication and research activities.

In terms of the Wide Area Information Server, we connect ourselves with optical fiber of one thousand mega volume to the provincial main node of educational network which lies in Jilin University and the latter connects itself with 2.5 G optical fiber to the educational network.

With the gradual construction and development of the network hardware, more and more applications are realized. The more than 30 servers in the Network Center and another more than 20 servers from other departments of our university provide us with various services, including www, file download, email, proxy service, dummy host computer, personal web page, bbs, forum, online video playing, the market of negotiable securities, online meeting, etc. The systems of teaching management, of financial management, of inquiry for bibliotheca, of searches for full-text technological literature, etc are put into use gradually. It is worth mentioning that the backbone network of 2 thousand mega, the facilities and servers, with their enormous capacity provide the guarantee in terms of hardware for the simultaneous online service of multimedia for thousands of computers.

The Network Center of Jilin University is the managerial, constructing and maintenance department for our university network. The sub departments of the Network Center include Technology Department, Research and Development Department, Information Department, Project Department, Users Department, administrative office, etc. Respectively, they are responsible for the technological maintenance and maintenance of the core facilities, research and development of new techniques and management software, maintenance of the information platform of our university, designing and construction of network project, terminal service for tens of thousands of users, the everyday administrative management of the Center, etc.

It is the goal of our Network Center to extend our university network to every corner of our university, to make network part of the everyday life of people in Jilin University and to make all the campuses 'digital campuses'.

We also have another network laboratory of Economics School especially.