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First of all, please note that the International Students' Office of Jilin University (liuxue@jlu.edu.cn) will make arrangement for your accommodation. However, if you have a different arrangement for accommodation, then you should contact the office in time for approval and registration.

For those registered in a long-term study program, it is quite common to rent an off-campus apartment either alone or with others. It will be very easy for you to find information about apartments for rent either in local newspapers or on the notice board. There will be apartment to your satisfaction in terms of its area, price, and setup in it.

Jilin University owns five halls of residence for international students on its campuses, such as the Friendship Hall, all of which have nice and quiet surroundings with strong academic atmosphere. In the Friendship Hall, your options include single or double rooms furnished with necessary facilities such as bed, bookshelf, chair, desk, showerhead, satellite-TV, telephone, and the Internet. Each floor in the hall also provides public facilities such as kitchen and washing-machine (insert coins to operate). In some residential areas, there are gym and business center; besides, food and laundry services are provided. For details, please check the following website,http://wsfw.jlu.edu.cn/.

Daily Living Expenses(Based on average prices)

Items of Costs

University's Halls of Residence

To Rent Apartments from Local Chinese Households





City-Rail (Light-Rail), Bus, University's Bus, Taxi

Bus, Taxi


With additional charges

To be covered by yourself


Included in rents

Included in rents


Included in rents

To be covered by yourself


Included in rents

To be covered by yourself


Washing-machines using coins. Plus laundry service due to charges

To be covered by yourself


Prices in supermarket as reference

To be covered by yourself


Included in rents

To be covered by yourself

Living Area

15.5--17.5 sq.m.

60-80 sq.m.

Type of Rooms

Halls for student

Apartment with bedrooms and lounge

Living in the halls of residence is the best way to make new friends. Moreover, because such places are well equipped with entertaining, living, and studying facilities, you can spend more time and energy on the things you are interested in. Of course, this means you choose a style of living with a group of people.