Teaching and Research

The School of Economics now has 16 post-doctors, 270 doctor students, 350 graduate students,1200 full-time undergraduates, 2100 students who are taught four-year or three-year college courses by correspondence and 150 foreign students.

The School of Economics has been always pursuing prominent teaching quality and accelerating the modernization of teaching and researching instruments. It has been exploring new modes nadschemes to train economics talents that meet the requirement of the 21 century, and constantly adjusting and developing teaching contents and course system that can reflect the requirements of the time and orient academic research with practical situations.The School of Economics has a whole set of outstanding teaching administrative system that strictly administer in all aspects, covering course setting, teaching plan, teaching quality control and teaching result evaluation. All professors taking major responsibility of teaching courses have abundant and solid academic accumulation, have published many well-known academic works and textbooks, and are authorities in their fields of study. For many years, the School of economics has trained a large number of comprehensive qualified personnel for the economic construction of China. Among them are famous scholars, national preeminent youth, senior business managers and administrative officers.

In recent years, the School of Economies has published More than hundred academic works, translation works and textbooks, and more than a thousand articles as well. More than a hundred articles have been published in some national-level authoritative newspapers and publications such as Economic Research, Economics Information, Peoples Daily, Guang Ming Daily, World Economy, World Economy and Politics, and Management World. The School has undertaken 160 scientific and research projects of provincial, ministry or ever higher level, and has achieved 70 scientific and research prizes awarded by ministries, provinces or the same even higher administrative levels, including Five-one Projects Prized awarded by ministry of Propaganda of the Central Committee of the CPC, National Excellent Doctor Dissertation Award and National Excellent Textbook Award by respectively ministry of Education and the Office of Academic Degree Committee of the State Council, thus achieved significant social and economic effects.

With abundant funds, the School of Economics has totally invested its investment in teaching nad scientific studies Since 1998, the School of Economics has totally invested 12,800,000 RMB Yuan, received Multi- funds from the Ministry of Education, Jilin Province Govemment and Jilin University, and taken more than 8,000,000 yuan for scientific research offered by the State, the Province and Cross Scientific and Research yuan.