Introduction of SEJLU

Overview of Economics School

Economic school ,which was founded in 1985, is the first batch of college established in Jilin University, its history traces back to the Economics specialty of Northeast Administrative School.After more than half a century of construction and development, economic school has achieved remarkable results in subject construction ,teachers procession construction,personnel training ,scientific research.It has also stepped into the ranks of first-class school of economics in internal.

Economic school has formed an integrity of the talent cultivation system from master to doctor to the postdoctoral, covers economics and applied economics theory which are all first level discipline. It consists of Department of Economics , Department of international economics and trade and Department of Finance and Department of Public Finance . There are three national undergraduate teaching base in economic college, the national economics talents training base , the first kind of characteristic professional economics specialty construction point and Economics personnel training pattern innovation pilot zone,all of which are approved by the ministry of education in 1998,2007,2008 respectively. There exists a humanities and social sciences research base named the Chinese state-owned economic research center which was approved by the ministry of education in 2000 .Besides the institutions mentioned above,Economic school sets up some scientific research institutions with special features in the national,such as China-japan economic and social common research center, the common knowledge economy research center ,research center of public economic policy ,research center in east Asia economic, research center on economic development, research center of China's capital market development and so on.

Economic school now has 4 undergraduate majors, economics, institute of international economy and trade ,finance (including insurance) ,public finance (including tax administration) . Based on it,the following 14 Master degrees was formed, political economics,world economy , western economics, economic history, history of economic thinking,National Economics,industry,economics,finance,international trade ,finance ,accounting,business management,institutional economics , law and economics.From the higher level,8 doctoral specialties have been established .They are the political economics ,international economy,western economics ,history of economic theories , institutional economics,law and economics, economics finance, industry economics .Economic school is equipping with postdoctoral research on theoretical economics and two one degree course doctoral degree awarded power in economics theory and application .What's more,political economy and the world economy are key disciplines in regular higher education among Jilin province.Up to now, college enrolls postdoctoral researchers15 people, Ph.D. 260 people, master graduate student 480 people, full-time undergraduate 1208 people, teach by correspondence the junior college students 2100, 144 foreign students.

Teachers team force in Economic school is strong, have doctoral tutor 24 people, professor 29 people and associate professors 26 people. The academic team age structure is reasonable, with higher academic degree and research ability .Among the teachers,more than 60% of the teachers have doctoral degree, 30% above had to go abroad for further study. Many national famous experts and scholars are in charge here, some of them are member of The national social science fund review group ,the ministry of education cross-century talents, the national academic groups, the outstanding experts who in charge of the province administrating and so on. Economic school has not only opened up many front economic research subjects and new curriculum, but also lived in the leading level in some aspects,such as China's socialist market economy theory and practice ,Market socialism thought in the West , market of the world economy ,socialist ideological trend of state-owned economy of China ,law and economics, knowledge economy. In recent years, the economic institute has published books ,translation and teaching materials up to more than hundreds, reported more than 1000 papers. Further to say, the economic school has published more than 100 papers in economic research ,economics dynamic, People's Daily, guangming daily ,world economic, world economic and political, management and other national authority press in total. What's more,the economic school has undertook academic papers of provincial scientific research project far more than 58.In terms of the rewards,the economic school has gained 60 items in the provincial above research award, including the central propaganda department five-one project prize, the national social science fund project award for outstanding achievements, academic degrees committee under the state council of the national outstanding doctor's paper award and the higher school of excellent teaching material .More than this,the social effect and economic effect of economic school is remarkable .The funds of Economic college is sufficient as it continues to increase the investment in teaching and scientific research.Since 1998, the school of economics has invested earned capital of RMB 12.8 million yuan and earned more capital from the ministry of education, Jilin provincial government and Jilin university .Except the funds mentioned above,the economic school has also undertaken research capital of 1000 yuan from state ,province and horizontal topic research .

The education level in Economic school is committed to excellence and the Economic school is keen on speeding up the modernization of the means for teaching and scientific research .It is devoting to exploring the cultivation mode and solutions for economic talent which meets the twenty-first century needs.The goal of economic school is to improve and develop the theory and practice which reflects time request and combines the teaching content and the curriculum system .Economic school has a full set of perfect teaching management system, checking strictly from curriculum ,teaching plan ,teaching quality control to the teaching effect evaluation .The professor in charge of course are all with deeply academic foundation in basic skills, not only published a number of influential academic monographs and teaching materials, but also famous scholars in the field in which they are involved .For many years, the economic school has provided a lot of talent for China's economic development,some of them are academics, the national outstanding youth ,national outstanding entrepreneurs, senior enterprise management personnel and administration officials.Over the years, the employment situation of graduate in economic college is satisfied, about 20% walked directly joins read or master graduate student, 20% admitted to graduate students, and 10% to go abroad for further study, 25% allocation to the national party and government organs, news published video culture units, 25% allocation to bank, non-bank financial institutions ,foreign trade departments ,foreign enterprise.

Economic school actively expand foreign exchange and the cooperation, has held many international academic conference.Economic school has established stable academic exchange cooperation relations with the institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutions in American and British Germany and Japan, Canada Russia Australia New Zealand Singapore South Korea and other countries . Economic school often invites the international famous scholars (including the Nobel economics prize winner nominated and) to give lectures and develops cooperation and research with them.On the other hand,Economic school emphasis on that teachers can both give lectures ,academic visit abroad and receive further education.On one side,Economic school selects students to study abroad, on the other hand,it accepts overseas students to gain degree education and learning visit in Jilin University.

The after school activity of college students is rich and colorful.There are several academic art style of community organizations active in the college,for example, economic explore the academic society, foreign language ,college students' association ,and so on .In the latest three years,dozens of students above in economic school is emerging in college students' top 10 in Jilin university ,Changchun City civilized college students , Jilin province of entrepreneurial hope civilization. More than 10 people won National English contest and the National Challenge Cup competition and other honors. Economic school is evaluated as the Changchun advanced management group of the students many times .(By Cheng Qiuting)