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Professor Li Xiao, the one leading member of the one major project of the one,'the ‘one belt, one road’implementation of the internationalization of RMB, led some of the research team members to Italy to complete the investigation and investigation.

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One belt, one road project, was introduced by Li Xiao, Professor of economics, Jilin University, who was the head of the National Social Science Fund's major project ‘Research on the internationalization of RMB in the’one by one’strategyin 2015’ on 31-4 March 2019, and led professor Ding Yibing, Li Junjiu, a member of the sub subject, and Wang Hao, an associate professor of some research group members, to attend Vicenza in University of Verona, Italy. The seminar on ‘one belt, one road’ in the process of Sino Italian cooperation was held. One belt, one road, was visited by the Milan University of Vicenza, the University of Verona, the Verona campus, the University of Florence, Verona Institute of economics, the Rome University of economics and the China Embassy in Italy.

On the morning of April 1, the research delegation visited Bocconi University in Milan and held talks with MS. ginoto, who is in charge of student exchange. Bocconi University, located in Milan, Italy, is the best business school in Italy and the world's top business school. For more than a century, numerous Italian politicians, masters of economics and management, and entrepreneurs have come out of here, including Mario Monti, former Prime Minister of Italy, Alberto Alesina, director of Economics Department of Harvard University, Tommaso padoa Schioppa, father of euro, Marco patuano, President of Telecom Italia. Boconi's major in economics, law and management enjoys a high reputation in Europe, and its main disciplines rank among the world's top 20 in various authoritative rankings. Professor Li Xiao first briefly introduced the basic situation of Jilin University,School of Economicsand major project research group of Jilin University, and indicated the purpose of his visit. Ms. ginoto gave a detailed introduction to the basic situation of Bocconi University, its disciplinary development and international cooperation. After that, the two sides discussed the possibility of future cooperation, as well as the direction and specific content of future cooperation.

One belt, one roadChina-and-Italy cooperation high level seminarwas held in Vicenza on April 1st afternoonby scholars and scholars from University of Veronaand Jilin University. A total of five scholars from both sides delivered speeches at the seminar. Before the seminar, one belt, one road leader, Professor Fiorentini, first introduced the economic and trade relations between Europe and China, and the main impact of the'one belt initiative'on Italy. The first part of the seminar was briefly analyzed by Professor Fiorentini. After that,Professor Li Xiao first introduced the major projects of Jilin University------the'one belt,one road'project and the purpose of the survey. China's one belt, one roadand the other two countries, respectively, have made a keynote speech on the commodity trade structure of the'one belt'along the way, the political and economic implications of the monetary and financial cooperation between China and Europe under the'one belt,one Road'and the correlation structure between China's Shanghai and Shenzhen stock market. Professor Silvia Malle, a former OECD chief expert on China, commented on the speeches made by the three professors in theSchool of Economicsof Jilin University and expressed his own views.

The investigation delegation held a seminar at the University of Verona Vicenza

On the morning of April 2, the research delegation went to theSchool of Economics, Verona campus, University of Verona for talks. Verona university is a national university established in 1982. It is located in Verona, one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Italy. Located in the central area of the northern industrial belt of Italy, it is an important strategic and transportation fortress. Professor Cipriani, Dean of theSchool of Economics, University of Verona, introduced the main situation of theSchool of Economics, the main courses, and the main research directions of teachers. The two sides expressed positive will for in-depth cooperation and exchanges in the future.

The delegation held talks at theSchool of Economics, University of Verona

Professor Ding Yibing, Professor Li Junjiu and Professor Wang Hao respectively gave lectures on the trade structure of the'along the way'countries, the political and economic implications of China EU monetary and financial cooperation under the'one belt and one road'and the relevance of China's Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets to the graduate students of University of Verona's economics schoolin the afternoon of April 2nd.

Professor Ding Yibing gave a lecture at theSchool of Economics, University of Verona

On the morning of April 3, the research delegation went to theSchool of Economicsof the University of Florence in Italy to have a discussion with Professor Bellandi, Dean of theSchool of Economicsof the University of Florence, and the head of the international cooperation department. Founded in 1321, the University of Florence is a brand new university with an ancient history. In 1923, it was officially renamed the University of Florence. The school has 12 colleges, with about 60000 registered students. The University of Florence is one of the most important modern institutions of higher learning in Italy. It is one of the four famous economic universities in Italy. In 1999, the University of Florence was awarded the title of'European outstanding research and teaching center'by the European Union in recognition of its professional contribution in the teaching field in the process of European integration. President Bellandi attached great importance to the school's visit, which he said was his first official activity since he took office. The two sides briefed each other on their respective situations and held in-depth exchanges on future cooperation.

The research delegation held a forum at theSchool of Economics, University of Florence

Forenoon, China visited one belt, one road and one other, and visited Italy Embassy in April 5th. First, one belt, one road, Professor Li Xiao introduced the basic situation of Jilin University, Jilin University Economic College and the'one belt and one road'major project. After that, the members of the delegation discussed the political, economic, cooperative development and Chinese enterprises of Italy with the relevant notice of the embassy.

The investigation and investigation team conducted the investigation in the Chinese Embassy in Italy

On the afternoon of April 5, the research delegation went to theSchool of Economicsof the University of Rome in Italy to have a discussion with Professor D'Ascenzo, President of the school, and other teachers. First of all, Professor Li Xiao and Professor D'Ascenzo respectively introduced the basic situation of their schools and colleges, and fully discussed the academic exchanges, mutual visits and scientific research cooperation between teachers and students. Since then, the forum has focused on the full exchange and communication of views on the difficulties faced by China Italy economic cooperation and other issues.

The delegation had a discussion with the dean and professor of theSchool of Economicsof the University of Rome

One belt, one road initiative, has been deeply studied in the research area and the related issues. It has provided a lot of first-hand information for the research on related issues, enhanced understanding of Italy's political, economic and social development issues, and more importantly, has found many new questions. The topic and research perspective not only provide a solid foundation for the in-depth study of the topic, but also lay a foundation for the exchange and cooperation between Jilin University and many Italian universities, and make new and important progress in the foreign exchange and cooperation of theSchool of Economicsof Jilin University.

'One belt, one road'strategy to promote the internationalization of RMB, a major project of the National Social Science Fund