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Dr Nancy Johnson, vice president of international affairs, Gatton business school, University of Kentucky, visited the School of Economics

Time: 2019-03-27 View:

On the morning of March 27, 2019, Dr. Nancy Johnson, deputy dean of international affairs of gayton School of business, University of Kentucky, visited theSchool of Economics. The two sides discussed the signing of the two degree (2+2) project agreement and the identification of project courses. The forum was presided over by Professor Ding Yibing, vice president of theSchool of Economics.

Vice President Ding Yibing first expressed his welcome to Simon Heather, vice president of gayton School of business, University of Kentucky, and his party's visit to theSchool of Economicsagain, and briefly introduced the preparation for carrying out the dual degree program.

Subsequently, the two sides actively discussed the issue of curriculum identification in the process of undergraduate dual degree (2+2) program training, and reached a consensus on curriculum docking.

Also attending the forum were Professor Zhao Xinyu, director of the Department of economics of theSchool of Economics, Professor Wang Da, director of the Department of international economics, Associate Professor Feng Yongqi, Secretary of the Party branch of the Department of finance, Associate Professor Liu Chaoyang of the Department of finance, and Jiao Guowei, director of the general office and Foreign Affairs Secretary of the Sino Japanese Joint Economic Research Center.

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