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Notice on soliciting the topic selection of 'new liberal arts' innovation team project of Jilin University in 2021

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Relevant units in the school:

In order to implement the requirements of the new liberal arts construction meeting of the Ministry of education, promote the cross integration of philosophy and Social Sciences and new science and technology revolution, accelerate the construction of philosophy and social science system with Chinese characteristics, promote the construction of'double first-class'school, and train philosophy and social scientists in the new era, the school decided to establish an innovation team project of'new liberal arts', and now it has collected the topic of'new liberal arts'innovation team project, The notice of relevant matters is as follows:

Requirements for topic selection

1. the topic selection of'new liberal arts'innovation team should focus on the problems, keep pace with the theme of the times, and focus on the practical and theoretical needs of the construction of socialism with Chinese characteristics under the background of new science and technology revolution and industrial change, and focus on the realistic problems of the theory of theory and draw up the research direction of the team according to the actual situation of the national economic and social development.

2. the innovation team of'new arts'should break the discipline barriers, expand new problem areas, gather new research direction and stable research team, integrate researchers from all disciplines and other disciplines to cooperate in depth, carry out joint research, and strive to promote the paradigm revolution of Humanities and social sciences research, and promote knowledge update and ideological innovation.

3. the topic selection of the innovation team of'new liberal arts'should take the major progress of scientific research as the goal, take the development practice of our country as the starting point of research, put forward the theoretical viewpoint with subjectivity and originality, give full play to the era, ideology and leading of scientific research, and promote the construction of the discipline system, academic system and discourse system of philosophy and social sciences with Chinese characteristics.

Key points

The innovation team of'new liberal arts'focuses on supporting the cross school, interdisciplinary and interdisciplinary team of liberal arts scholars in our university to carry out the research on emerging cross-disciplinary issues. The topic selection direction must reflect the cross integration of Arts and science, technology, agriculture and medicine, expand new research direction and cultivate new discipline growth points. Encourage interdisciplinary research teams that have already had a certain foundation for cooperation in the early stage, have built academic exchange platform and academic exchange mechanism, or have good prospects for subject development to actively declare the topic.

Topic selection declaration and selection

1. each unit shall organize experts to fully demonstrate and refine the subject in combination with its research advantages, so as to embody the scientificity and standardization of the topic selection, highlight the problem orientation and interdisciplinary integration, and avoid setting questions according to people. The text of the topic should be scientific, rigorous, normative and concise, without subtitles generally.

2. the topics should be avoided from repeating with the projects of Marxist theoretical research and construction projects, major projects of national social science fund, various special projects of National Social Science Fund (such as'special study'and national history research projects) of national social science fund, major projects of philosophy and social sciences of the Ministry of education and other major national projects, Any topics with the same or similar content provided before will not be accepted this time. Any major project of national social science fund and major project of philosophy and social sciences of the Ministry of education selected and recommended by the school will not be accepted.

3. each unit is limited to 2 topics, and the key research base of Humanities and social sciences of the Ministry of education participates in the declaration as an independent unit. The topic selection drafter shall fill in the recommendation form of the project selection of'new arts'innovation team of Jilin University (Annex 1), and make a brief description of the research status, value, research content, overall framework, basic ideas and research objectives of each proposed topic, and all the persons who are officially listed in the scope of bidding, It is necessary to promise to agree to open bidding and fair competition for the proposed topic, and there is no intellectual property dispute.

4. the Social Sciences Department organizes experts to evaluate the topics and selected topics are included in the scope of 2021'new arts'innovation team project bidding.

Please submit the electronic version of the recommendation form of the unit, one paper version of the summary table (Annex 2) and the electronic version to the Social Sciences Department by May 8, 2021.

Contact: Liu Kun

Tel: 85167299

mail box: kun@jlu.edu.cn


1. recommendation form of the project selection of innovation team of'new liberal arts'of Jilin University

2. Summary of recommended topics for innovation team project of Jilin University'new arts'in 2021

Social Sciences Division

April 28, 2021