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Notice on applying for the orientation project of Changchun Federation of Social Sciences (Changchun Academy of Social Sciences) in 2021

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Relevant units in the school:

According to the requirements of the notice on bidding for directional projects of Changchun Society Science Association (Changchun Academy of Social Sciences) in 2021 issued by Changchun Federation of Social Sciences, the application of our university is hereby notified as follows:

Guiding ideology

Guided by Xi Jinping's socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era, we thoroughly implemented the spirit of the nineteen and nineteen second, third, fourth and fifth plenary sessions of the party, and implemented the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping's important speech and important instructions in Jilin. Focusing on the work and key tasks of the municipal Party committee and municipal government, China focused on the reality of Changchun's economic and social development. The research on theory and application is widely carried out, which provides theoretical support and practical guidance for Changchun to comprehensively revitalize and comprehensively revitalize.

Key points of project initiation

The 2021 directional project of Changchun Federation of Social Sciences (Changchun Academy of Social Sciences) is based on the year of the opening of the 14th five year plan, and earnestly implements the spirit of the 10th meeting of the 13th CPC Changchun Municipal Committee, focusing on the construction of'four major plates'and'two bases'of Changchun and party history learning education, Carry out a comprehensive and multi-field investigation and research, and interpret the key, difficult and hot issues in the economic and social development of Changchun.

Project category and funding limits

The bidding project is divided into three categories: key subject, general subject and self-help project. Five key projects were set up, each of which was supported by 20000 yuan; 15 projects are set up for general projects, and each project is supported by 10000 yuan; 10 projects were set up for self-help projects, and no funds were provided. When declaring projects, the applicant must indicate the type of subject (key, general and self-service) of the subject.

Topic Selection Guide

The bidding project of this year is proposed by experts and scholars in the social sciences community and the actual work department of our city. After screening and integration, 20 topics are formed. The project is issued through the guidance of 2021 oriented project of Changchun Federation of Social Sciences (Changchun Academy of Social Sciences) (see Annex 1 for details). The project applicant can draw up specific subject topics by reference, It can also combine their academic expertise and research basis to draw up the subject topic by themselves. In principle, the final establishment of the project is mainly on the listed topics, and only a small number of projects are set up for the application of the subject subject; At the same time, the self-designed topics can not be declared key topics, but only general and self-help topics.

Form of achievements and time limit of research

1. form of results. The results of the bidding project are concluded in the form of Research Report or consulting report. The number of key project reports shall not be less than 30000 words, and the number of words for general and self-service reports shall not be less than 20000. The summary of 3500 thousand words will be submitted with the results of each conclusion.

2. study time limit. The research time limit of the bidding project (including the preparation of the completion report) shall not exceed 6 months in principle from the date of the project establishment. The relevant materials such as the closing report and the application for the completion shall be submitted before the end of November 2021.

Declaration conditions and requirements

1. the applicant shall be the on-job teacher of philosophy and Social Sciences in our school. Support the leadership of the party, abide by the Constitution and laws of the people's Republic of China, love the motherland, have the nationality of the people's Republic of China, have a deep academic attainments and strong scientific research ability in relevant research fields, and can independently carry out research and organize research work. Generally, they should have professional and technical titles at or above the middle level or have a doctorate (or doctoral students). The project leader is limited to one person, and must take charge of the research and organization and guidance of the implementation of the project; The number of members of the project group shall not exceed 5. The applicant can only declare one item as the project leader, but multiple declarations can be made as a member.

2. when filling in the application materials, the project applicant must read the management measures for the bidding project of Changchun Association of Social Sciences (Institute) in detail (Trial), the guidance of 2021 oriented project of Changchun Federation of Social Sciences (Institute), and the tender document《The tender shall be filled in strictly in accordance with the'filling in instructions'and column prompts, otherwise it shall be deemed invalid tender.

3. in the project declaration and completion results, if there is serious violation of the requirements of scientific research integrity, the applicant will be cancelled, criticized and other treatment will be made, and the list of bad scientific research integrity shall be recorded. The bidding project shall not be submitted within 2 years.

Material submission and time requirements

The scientific research Secretary of each unit shall submit the tender (attachment 2, paper version in quadruplicate), summary form (Annex 4) and electronic version to the social science department before work on May 7. Individual declaration and overdue declaration shall not be accepted.

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