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Notice on applying for the Themed Humanities and Social Sciences Research Project conducted by Ministry of Education in 2021 (Study on the Theoretical System of Socialism in system)

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[2021] No.10

All relevant departments in our university concerned:

In order tofurtherstudy and implement Xi Jinping's socialism theory andthe spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Plenary Sessions,and further promote and deepen the research on the theoretical system of socialism in China, the relevant matters are notified below following the require of"Notice on the application for the Themed Humanities and Social Sciences Research Project conducted by Ministry of Education in 2021 (Study on the Theoretical System of Socialism in system)”(Teaching and Social Sciences Department Letter [2021] No.16):

1.The scope of the topic selections

In 2021, this project focuses on studying and publicizing Xi Jinping's socialism theory in the new era and the spirit of the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee and celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. The applicant must adhere to the correct political direction, choosing only the topics listed without any adjustments (Annex 1), and must not create new topics. The discipline category of this special task project is "Marxism/Ideological and Political Education".

2. The funding and research period

The funding for each project is 200,000 yuan and in total 25 projects are planned to be set up with a research period of 2 years.

3. Expectation upon the research results

The final result should meet all the requirements as following: (1) Publishing articles in major journals; (2) Publishing academic papers in high-level academic journals; (3) Containing investigation and consultation reports that are adopted by departments at or above the provincial level.

4. Application thresholds

1. In addition to complying with the relevant provisions of theAdministrative Measures for Humanities and Social Sciences Research Projects of the Ministry of Education,applicants must be on-the-job teachers with professional titles above deputy senior level (inclusive) and be able to undertake substantive research work as project hosts. Each applicant can apply for one item only.

2.Individuals meetingthe following circumstances shall not apply for the project:

(1) The person is involved in and in charge of the humanities and social sciences research projects of the Ministry of Education under research (including major research projects, major base projects, post-funded projects, general projects, etc.);

(2) The host of the humanities and social sciences research projects that were terminated for various reasons within three years or cancelled within five years.

(3) The person is in charge of various projects of the National Social Science Fund (including major projects, key projects, general projects, youth projects, post-funded projects, western projects and single-discipline projects etc.) and the National Natural Science Fund for various projects. If the above projects have been completed, relevant certificates must be attached.

(4) Applicants for the National Social Science Fund Project in 2021.

(5) Applicants who have applied for the general project of humanities and social sciences research (including themed projects) for two consecutive years (referring to 2019 and 2020) yet fail to be qualified will be suspended from the 2021 annual application qualification.

(6) Applicants already applied for other categories of general projects of humanities and social sciences research in 2021,

5. Application procedures and Requirements

1. Online application is adopted for this project. The only available online platform is the Social Science researcher of Ministry of Education management platform- application system (application system) and the website address are (http://www.moe.gov.cn/s78/A13/). All application methods and procedures should be subject to the instructions on the system.

2. Applicants can log in to the application system to download theApplication Evaluation Form, fill it out according to the instructions of the application system and the requirements on the Application Evaluation Form, and upload the electronicApplication Evaluation Formthrough the application system. No need to submit paper application documents. After the of the application is approved, one signed and sealed paper application materials shall be submitted and sent to the Ministry of Education by the Humanities Social Science Department.

3. The deadline for online application is March 25, 2021. Scientific research secretaries of each unit should submit one copy of the Application Evaluation Book (electronic version) and the application list (paper version and electronic version) (Annex 2) to the Humanities and Social Science Department before March 19. The depart will review and confirm the submitted materials online. Individual and late application will not be accepted.

6. Other requirements

1. In accordance with the Measures for theAdministration of Special Funds for the Prosperity of Philosophy and Social Sciences in Tertiary Schools(Cai Jiao [2016] No.317), the project funds are subject to strict and standardized budget management.

2. Project evaluation is anonymous. In order to ensure the fairness and justice of the assessment, the applicant's name, school and other relevant information shall not appear in Table B of theApplication Assessment Form, otherwise the application will be cancelled.

3. Members of the research group must obtain the consent of participants, otherwise they will be regarded as illegal application.

4. Applicants should truthfully fill in the materials to ensure that there is no intellectual property dispute. Anyone who commits fraud, plagiarism, etc,once found and verifiedwill be disqualified from applying for three years. If the project is approved, it will be withdrawn and a criticism in circulated notice will be given.

5. Please earnestly implement the responsibility system for working, strengthen the examination of the application materials, ensure the accuracy and truthfulness of the information submitted, and effectively improve the quality of project application.Applicationviolatingthe ruleswillbe punished.

Contact information: He Ma

Tel: 85155451

E-mail: hma@jlu.edu.cn.


1. 2021 Ministry of Education's themed Project Guide for the Study of the Theoretical System of Socialism in China

2. List of topics of the themed projects for the Study of the Theoretical System of Socialism in by the Ministry of Education in 2021

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