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Notice on the Arrangement of the application for National Natural Science Foundation of China in 2021

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All relevant departments in our university concerned:

According to the Notice of the National Natural Science Foundation of China on the Application and Completion of NSFC Projects in 2021andthe Guide to NSFC Projects in 2021, and in combination with the specific arrangements for the application of NSFC projects in 2021, the relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

1.Application requirements

1.1 Implement paperless application in an all-round way,applicants log in to the National Natural Science Foundation of China Network Management System (isisn.nsfc.gov.cn), and submit electronic applications and attachments online according to the writing outlines and relevant requirements of various types of projects, without submitting paper application materials. Those who do not apply for an account number should apply for an account number from their middle-level unit.

1.2 Middle-level units shall submit the paper Statistics of Application for Natural Science Foundation in 2021(see Annex 1 for the template) andthe Form Examination Schedule of Application for National Natural Science Foundation Projects in 2021(see Annex 2 for the template) before 16: 00 on March 9, 2021, and submit them to the Natural Science Foundation Management Section, Research Institute, Room A543, Dingxin Building, Central Campus.

The application statistics table is the basis for the scientific research institute to review and submit the application, which should ensure the accuracy of the information, and should be signed by the person in charge of the middle-level unit and the scientific research secretary and stamped with the official seal of the middle-level unit; One copy of the form examination schedule for each item shall be carefully checked by the applicant according to the items, and then submitted to the scientific research institute by the middle-level unit after being signed.

1.3 The types of projects that receive applications in this centralized way include: general projects, key projects, some major research projects, youth science fund projects, outstanding youth research fund projects, national outstanding youth science fund projects, innovative research group projects, basic science center projects, some joint fund projects, national major scientific research instrument development projects (free application), mathematics Tianyuan fund and key international (regional) cooperative research projects, etc.

Other types of projects that are not in the scope of centralized application will be published separately. For international (regional) cooperation and exchange projects that accept applications at any time, applicants should avoid the centralized receiving period and submit applications.

1.4 Applicants who are not employed by Jilin University are not allowed to apply for the National Natural Science Foundation of China based on Jilin University.

Those who have obtained doctoral degrees and intend to stay in school and those who intend to work in school through the introduction of talent channels can apply for general projects and youth science fund projects with the approval of middle-level units. At the same time, the middle-level unit shall provide explanations (the natural condition of the person, whether he passed the examination of the middle-level unit, the signing time of personnel employment procedures, relevant commitments, etc.) as the basis for signing the written contract (see Annex 3 for the template).

Post-doctoral personnel in the full-time plan can only apply for surface projects and NSFC projects, and can choose the funding period according to the station time, but cannot exceed the implementation period of surface projects and NSFC projects, and may not change the supporting units after being funded.

1.5 If you need to stamp the official seal of Jilin University, please log in to https://ehall.jlu.edu.cn/jlu_portal/index, the online office hall of Jilin University, and submit the application.The attachments submitted should include the signature and seal page and the photos of employees' work permits of our school participants.

2.Matters needing attention

According to the reform measures of NSFC in 2021, we should also pay attention to:

2.1 After the implementation of classified review of general projects and key projects, the Youth Fund will be included in the pilot scope of classified review. The applicant shall, according to the scientific problems and research contents to be solved, select the attributes of a kind of scientific problems that are most in line with, focus on and best reflect the characteristics of the application project, and clarify the reasons.

2.2 The outstanding youth research fund project and the national outstanding youth science fund project continue to implement the policy of coordinating and connecting with other national science and technology plans for talents. The national science and technology talents plan at the same level can only apply for or undertake one item, and cannot apply at the opposite level. Moreover, the outstanding youth research fund project and the national outstanding youth science fund project use the "contract system", so there is no need to prepare a budget.

2.3 The application code should be completely adjusted, and the third-level code should be cancelled. The application code 1 and its corresponding "research direction" and "keywords" should be accurately selected, and the second-level application code (4 digits) should be selected as much as possible.

Contact: Ming Zhu Bonan Lu

Tel: 85167419


1.2021 Statistics of Natural Fund Application

2.2021 National Natural Science Foundation Project Application Form Review Schedule

3.Format and description of relevant attachments for personnel without support unit

Scientific research institute

January 18, 2021