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Announcement on the plan to accept 38 comrades including Zhang Xiao as probationary members of the Communist Party of China

Time: 2021-03-20 View:

In order to strengthen the democratic supervision over the development of Party members and ensure the quality of the development of new party members, the relevant information of 38 development targets such as Zhang Xiao is now publicized.

The publicity time is from March 19 to March 25, 2021 (the publicity time is 5 working days).

During the publicity period, Party members and the masses can reflect the situation and problems of the development objects in terms of ideals and beliefs, political stance, ideological style, work performance, mass concept, honesty and self-discipline through telephone and e-mail.

Reflecting problems should be realistic, objective and fair. If the problem is reflected in the name of an individual, his real name shall be signed. The Party branch will strictly keep confidential the people and problems it reflects, investigate and verify the problems it reflects, find out the truth, and give feedback to the people in an appropriate way.

If there is no opinion, it will be submitted to the Party branch meeting for discussion and decision according to the prescribed procedures, and the procedures for joining the party will be fulfilled.

Contact person: Zhao Yong, Zhao Hongyu

Tel: 85166497 85166141

Contact email: zhy6699@jlu.edu.cn

Attachment: a list of Undergraduates in the first half of 2021

Party committee ofSchool of Economics

March 19, 2021