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Notice on open recruitment of teachers in School of Economics of Jilin University in 2021

Time: 2021-03-18 View:

According to the requirements of the Interim Measures for the administration of the employment of new personnel in Jilin University (Revised), the notice on the adjustment of relevant policies for new personnel in Jilin University and the notice on the issuance of personnel supplement plan in 2021, and in combination with the actual work needs of the School of Economics, our college plans to recruit 2 lecturers in 2021. The relevant matters are hereby announced as follows:

Recruitment conditions

1. Abide by the laws and regulations of the people's Republic of China, have a firm political stance, adhere to the party's basic line and various principles and policies, abide by the law and discipline, and love their jobs. Have good professional ethics, have the ability to perform job responsibilities.

2. Have a doctorate education background in theoretical economics or applied economics, and have obtained the corresponding degree. Fresh graduates should graduate before September 30, 2021 and obtain corresponding academic degrees.

3. Strong teaching ability, including good language expression ability, comprehensive writing ability and foreign language level. In principle, at least one professional course can be taught in foreign language.

4. Have good scientific research ability and development potential. During the period of studying for a doctor's degree and within one year after obtaining a doctor's degree, or during the period of postdoctoral in the station and within one year after leaving the station, the scientific research achievements should meet the teaching and scientific research standards of the School of Economics and the evaluation and employment standards of heavy associate professors.

5. The applicant should be under 35 years old (born after July 1, 1986).

Relevant treatment

In accordance with the relevant provisions of Jilin University.

Application materials

1. Resume: including the candidate's basic information, study and work experience, awards, foreign language level, teaching and research participation;

2. Full text and search page of the published paper (or provide supporting materials);

3. Relevant certificates: including ID card, original and copy of Diploma (degree) certificate.

Application method

Candidates should submit the application materials to the college before May 23, 2021, and send the electronic version to the designated email address. The email and resume should be named 'graduated school + major + education + name'. According to the preliminary examination of the college, the college will interview and assess the candidates who meet the needs of the college's discipline development, and the assessment method and time will be notified later.

Relevant employment policies

According to the relevant regulations of regular teacher recruitment in Jilin University, the candidates for lecturer posts should meet the standards of employing corresponding types of teachers. The school shall sign an employment contract with the employed teachers for a period of three years. If the teachers are qualified or above in the first employment period, the school can continue to employ them; If the two employment periods are over and the assessment results are excellent, or if they are promoted to a higher professional and technical position, the school shall sign a long-term employment contract with them.

In the regular selection of teachers, the candidates whose quality and quantity of papers meet the standards of the corresponding type of teachers of the employing unit for the evaluation and appointment of associate professors, but whose scientific research projects undertaken by the person in charge do not meet the corresponding standards, must be peer reviewed by means of Communication Review. Those who are considered to be particularly excellent and have development potential can be employed as lecturers. The above-mentioned candidates can be determined as qualified or above only when they meet the standards of the corresponding types of teachers of the employing unit in the first employment period, and the school will continue to employ them.

Discipline and supervision

1. Strictly implement the avoidance system according to the requirements of regulations on personnel management of public institutions and opinions of Jilin University on Further Strengthening the construction of work avoidance system.

2. The applicant shall truthfully fill in and provide relevant materials. In case of any violation of rules and regulations, such as untrue contents and false materials, the application procedure will be terminated or the employment will be terminated once verified.

3. In case of fraud, favoritism and other behaviors in the recruitment process, once verified, the school will investigate the responsibility of the specific responsible person and cancel the qualification of the employed person.

Contact information

Contact person: Mr. Shen

Tel: 0431-85166258

mail box: shensi@jlu.edu.cn

Office address: room 807, Dongrong building, Jilin University, 2699 Qianjin Street, Changchun City, Jilin Province.

School of Economics

China State Owned Economy Research Center

March 17, 2021