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Notice on the application for general funding of the 69th batch of China Postdoctoral Science Foundation

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Post doctoral research stations in the University:

According to the work arrangement of the guidelines for the support of China Postdoctoral Science Fund (2021) (Annex), the school organized and carried out the application of the 69th batch of China Post Doctoral Science Funds (hereinafter referred to as 'face-to-face funding') and hereby informs the following:

Declaration conditions

1. postdoctoral researchers (except those who have received in-person funding) who have been in the station for no more than 18 months as of March 31, 2021 may apply.

2. if all kinds of postdoctoral overseas exchange plans (except academic exchange projects) are selected, after completing the dispatched work or finishing the research work at home and abroad in advance, the school may apply after issuing the certificate.

3. the classified items are not allowed to be declared.

Funding criteria

The standard of natural science support is 120000 yuan and 80000 yuan; The standard of social science funding is RMB 80000 and RMB 50000.

Online declaration

1. time of declaration

From February 1 to March 30, 2021, the applicant will visit the website of China Postdoctoral Science Foundation 'China Postdoctoral Science Fund Management Information System'( http://jj.chinapostdoctor.org.cn/auth/login.html?usertype=bsh ), fill in relevant information as required, and submit it online by March 30.

2. filling requirements

'2. scientific research and reward' of application 'I. personal information' requires filling in papers, monographs, patents or awards representing the applicant's highest academic level and scientific research achievements. They can be selected from the above types of materials, but the total number is not more than

3.Personal information shall not be filled in the application form 'II. Project information', including the name of the applicant, the name of the school, the name of the cooperative tutor, etc., otherwise, the evaluation expert can be regarded as the applicant deliberately disclosing the personal information, with a score of 0 point.


1. the China Postdoctoral Science Foundation will conduct the evaluation by means of expert communication and review. Based on the experience of the funded postdoctoral students, if the cooperative tutor and peer experts can guide the writing of the application, the success rate of application will be effectively improved.

2. the China Postdoctoral Science Foundation shall evaluate the application materials in groups according to the secondary disciplines filled in by the applicant. When the applicant fills in the subject of submission in the cover of the application, the secondary discipline shall be consistent with the subject to which the application project belongs.

3. the China Postdoctoral Science Foundation will publicize the results of the support online in the late June 2021. During the publicity period, the applicant can log in to the 'management information system of China Postdoctoral Science Fund' to check the expert evaluation results.

4. please refer to the attachment for details of the review arrangement, evaluation index and fund use management.

Contact person: Li Xuetao, Shen Chuan, Shi Xiaoda

Office location: room 625, area A, Dingxin building, Central Campus

Office telephone: 0431-85151333

mail box: postdoc@jlu.edu.cn

Annex: guidelines for funding of China Postdoctoral Science Fund (2021)

Human Resources Division

January 18, 2021