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Our college held the donation ceremony of teaching software of Shanghai Jincheng education training Co., Ltd

Time: 2021-04-23 View:

On the morning of April 22, the donation ceremony of teaching software of Shanghai Jincheng education and training Co., Ltd. was held in the conference room on the 8th floor of Dongrong building. The donorsTangZhenyu, chairman of Shanghai Jincheng education and training Co., Ltd., yebo, general manager of cooperation operation Department, ZhangYi, manager of operation channel department and members of the leading group of the economic college attended the ceremony, The meeting was presided over by ZhaoYong, deputy secretary and vice president of the Party committee of the school of economics.

Deputy Secretary Zhao Yong, on behalf of the college, expressed his sincere thanks to the Shanghai Jincheng education and training Co., Ltd. represented by Dr.TangZhenyu. Shanghai Jincheng education and training Co., Ltd. donated the three-year use right of Qianlong financial teaching software worth 180000 yuan to our institute, which is a strong support for the education cause of the Academy of economics, It reflects the strong sense of social responsibility and mission of educating people.

Dr.TangZhenyu expressed sincere thanks to Jilin University. He said that I am very happy to be able to make a little contribution to the students of Jilin University. We are also doing education and training work, and we are working in the same direction with Jilin University, hoping to generate new'sparks'in the future exchanges. The overall starting point and purpose are only one, and more excellent builders with professional ability, corresponding responsibility, and the world can be taken into consideration and have a deep mind for the future will be cultivated for the society, so that our students' tomorrow will be better. As an enterprise, we consider not commercial value, but put serving society and serving others first. Jincheng has been taking social responsibility and continuously contributing to education. In the future, Jincheng will give more deep love, love, responsibility and responsibility to Jilin University.

ProfessorDing Yibing, Dean of the school of economics, expressed sincere thanks to Dr. tangzhenyu. Dean Ding said that our basic task is to establish morality and cultivate people, improve the quality of students' training and cultivate a group of students with emotion, level and ability“ Jincheng'and our colleges and universities are doing education, with common starting points and goals. As a graduate school cooperation tutor, I hope that Mr. Tang and us will join us in the development of the college's education. The economic college is a college with relatively complete cooperation conditions for production, study and research. We will have more cooperation space for school and enterprise in the future to help the development of education.

After the ceremony, Dr. tangzhenyu donated the financial books he prepared to our hospital, and both sides made in-depth discussions on the cooperation of production, learning and research.