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Cooperation between Dean Ding Yibing and Economic discipline of Macao University of Science and Technology

Time: 2021-04-21 View:

On April 20, 2021, the discipline docking meeting between Jilin University and Macao University of science and technology was held in Hengqin Institute of finance, Jilin University. The meeting was jointly presided over by Vice President Pang Chuan of Macao University of science and technology and vice president Zhao Hongwei of Jilin University, with representatives of various disciplines from both sides attending the meeting. Professor Ding Yibing, President of the school of economics, led the team to participate in the cooperation and docking of economics. The participants also included Professor Li Xiao, President of Hengqin Institute of finance, Jilin University, Professor Shao Xuefeng, vice president of the school of economics, Professor Zhou Baicheng, director of the Department of Finance, and postdoctoral and postdoctoral students of Hengqin Institute of finance.

At the meeting, Professor Ding Yibing, Dean of School of economics of Jilin University, and Mr Pang Chuan, vice president of Macao University of science and technology, respectively introduced their respective subject construction and talent training, and put forward the idea of docking. The participants of the two sides held heated and pragmatic discussions on scientific research cooperation, joint academic conferences, teacher-student exchanges, and postgraduate training, and reached broad consensus.

Among them, (1) in the aspect of scientific research cooperation, we should take applied economics, the dominant discipline of economics in Macao University of science and technology, especially regional economics, as the fulcrum to promote the orderly construction of new liberal arts in economics of Jilin University; Relying on the high-quality resources of the two universities and the platform of Hengqin Financial Research Institute of Jilin University, we should strengthen scientific research cooperation; We will carry out cooperation on the platform of Hengqin Institute of finance, Jilin University, in connection with advantageous disciplines, such as financial technology, corporate finance, taxation, blockchain application, Internet of things and big data analysis and laboratory construction; Strengthen the industry university research cooperation of Macao's industrial diversification and health industry, establish product traceability on the chain through the block chain, open Macao's luxury (Health) products market, and promote the export and export of mainland (northeast) products; We will strengthen training cooperation and carry out financial and taxation training in the'three places'around the'Shenzhen cooperation'between Qinhuangdao and Macao(2) In terms of jointly holding academic conferences, we should hold various academic conferences and exchanges, including large-scale academic conferences, academic forums, etc., in the form of joint meetings and rotating meetings; The theme and content of the academic conference are diversified, focusing on the contents of Guangdong, Macao, Zhuhai, Macao and so on(3) In terms of promoting the exchange between teachers and students, it is necessary to promote the short-term and long-term summer exchange of undergraduates and postgraduates as well as the short-term mutual visits of teachers as soon as possible(4) In terms of postgraduate training, relying on the economic discipline of Jilin University and taking Hengqin Financial Research Institute of Jilin University as the platform, the postgraduate training mechanism is established. Through attending conferences, participating in projects, learning exchanges, focusing on the characteristic finance, taxation, industrial diversification of qinao, the laboratory construction is strengthened to cultivate the scientific research ability of postgraduate; We will promote the selection and training of graduate students majoring in economics of Macao University of science and technology and the school of economics of Jilin University.