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Professor Liu Xiaobing, Dean of School of public economy and management of Shanghai University of Finance and economics, came to our school to hold famous lectures

Time: 2021-04-19 View:

On April 17, 2021, Professor Liu Xiaobing, deputy to the National People's Congress, member of the Central Committee of the democratic revolution, vice chairman of the Finance Teaching Steering Committee of the Ministry of education, and Dean of the school of public economy and management of Shanghai University of Finance and economics, gave a famous lecture on philosophy and Social Sciences entitled'financial theory and China's practice from the perspective of the National People's Congress performing its duties'in Dongrong building of Jilin University. Professor Shao Xuefeng, vice president of theSchool of Economicsand deputy director of China State Owned Economic Research Center, presided over the lecture. More than 100 teachers and students of theSchool of Economicsattended the lecture.

Since the eighteen Party's Congress, the Central Committee of the CPC, with the core of general secretary Xi Jinping, has proposed a series of new ideas, new ideas and new strategies for governing the country. This famous lecture is intended to deeply understand the'finance is the foundation and important pillar of state governance'put forward in the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, and speed up the theoretical research and teaching reform practice of our school's finance.

In the course of the lecture, Professor Liu Xiaobing, starting from the theory of finance, stood in the perspective of the National People's Congress and financial governance, and combined with many thoughts in the performance of his own deputies, made a wonderful and in-depth analysis around the financial theory and policy practice. First, Professor Liu traces back to the source, analyzes the historical origin of economics and finance from the theoretical level, the shortcomings and defects of the existing financial theory, and puts forward that the financial researchers need to build a complete financial thinking framework, and deeply think about what the government actually will do and how to let the government do what it should do. Secondly, Professor Liu Xiaobing, based on the practical level, discussed the financial boundary of the National People's Congress, and emphasized the important role of Finance in the National People's Congress, the highest practical platform of social science. Professor Liu Xiaobing shared his thoughts on the proposals and suggestions, deliberation and speeches, media interviews and other links of the NPC as deputies of the NPC. He also discussed his personal understanding on the path and method of combining the leadership of the party, the people as the masters of the family and the rule of law, and the law of information disclosure The paper also discusses the revision of the classification of government revenue and expenditure and the strengthening of external supervision. Finally, Professor Liu Xiaobing, combining with his own experience of performing his duties as a National People's Congress representative, introduced and analyzed the process of making financial policies, and proposed that the efficiency of financial funds should be fully exerted, the legal and scientific use of financial resources should be accelerated, and the'bad'means of'good purpose'should not be used as a defense.

Professor Liu Xiaobing's wonderful report aroused academic resonance at the meeting room. Before the end of the lecture, the teachers and students attended the meeting had a warm interaction and discussion with Professor Liu Xiaobing.

During his visit to Jilin University, Professor Liu also held full discussions and exchanges with ProfessorDing Yibing, vice president of theSchool of Economics, Professor Wang Da, and the teachers and students of the Department of Finance on the teaching reform and practice in the new liberal arts department. He believes that under the background of the new global economic development and the socialism with Chinese characteristics entering a new era, we should break through the thinking mode of traditional arts, promote the interdisciplinary integration of multi disciplines including finance, and promote the renewal and upgrading of traditional arts. Professor Liu also made a systematic introduction to the subject construction, scientific research, talent training and foreign exchange of local universities in Shanghai, especially Shanghai University of Finance and economics, and expressed his personal opinions on the recent hot discussion of'liberal arts students'and'science students'in the network media.