Dept.of intl. Economy
Professor LI Junjiang
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Professor of International Economics
Dean of the School of Economics
Dep. of International Economics, Economics School of Jilin University
2699 Qianjin Street, Changchun, Jilin Province, P.R. China, 130012

Economics School of Jilin University
Ph.D. in Economics
July, 2000
Economics School of Jilin University
Ms. in Economics
July, 1986
Economics School of Jilin University
B.A. in Economics
July, 1983

International Economics Studies, International Trade, Transnational Corporation Studies
Academic Positions:
2001-present: Doctoral Advisor, Economics School of Jilin University
1996-present:  Professor in International Economics, Jilin University
1992-1996:Associate Professor in International Economics, Jilin University
1988-1992: Lecturer in International Economics, Jilin University
1986-1988: Teaching Assistant in International Economics, Jilin University
International Affiliations:
1992-1994: Visiting Scholar on the Ford Foundation Grants, Kansas State University, United States of America
1999.1-1999.7: Visiting Professor, University of Bremen, Federal Republic of Germany
2002.7-2002.12: Senior Visiting Scholar, University of Indiana, United States of America
Professional Activities and Services:
Dean of the Economics School of Jilin University, 2005-present
Vice Dean of the Economics School of Jilin University, 2001-2005
Director of the Department of International Economics, Economics School of Jilin University, 1995-2001
Deputy Secretary General, China Society of World Economics
Deputy Secretary General, China Society of American Economics
Member of the Advising Committee of Economical Environment and Social Status, Jilin Provincial Government
Member of the Advising Committee of Jilin Provincial CPC Committee
Awards and Honors:
1. Bao-steel Excellent Teacher Award, 2008
2. “Development and Recent Reform of USA’s State Owned Enterprises”, winning the Second Prize of the Seventh Jilin Provincial Social Science Study Achievement Award and Second Prize of the Second Jilin Federation of Humanities and Social Sciences Circles Social Science Achievement Award, 2007
3. The Book “Introduction to World Economy”, winning the First Prize of Excellent Textbook for Higher Education Award of Jilin Province, 2007
4. Advanced Individual Award in Philosophy and Social Science Studies, Jilin University, 2006
1. Key Project on Foreign State Owned Corporate Studies, Funded by the Ministry of Education, China
2. Key Project on International Comparison and Studies in Resource -based Cities, Funded by the Ministry of Education, China
3. Project on Foreign State Owned Economy Adjustment, Funded by the State owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, China
4. A Major member of the Key Project on the Marxist Theory Construction and Studies to write the textbook on World Economy, Funded by the State Social Science Foundation
5. Project on Innovation Abilities of State-Owned Enterprises in the Old Industrial Base of Northeastern China, Funded by the Ministry of Education, China
6. Project on the Studies of Methods on Constructing a Free Trade Zone among to promote countermeasures of the surrounding economic and technical cooperation among China, Russia and North Korea, Funded by Jilin Provincial Government
7. Project on the Studies of Headquarter Economic Development Planning in Changchun City, Funded by the Changchun Municipal Government
Articles in English:
1. Pre and post WTO Analysis of South Asian Economies: Evidence From Panel Data Estimation" ,European Journal of Scientific Research Volume 66 Issue 3. 2011
2. Does Foreign Capital Inflows Really Stimulate Domestic Investment: A Case Study of Pakistan, International Research Journal of Finance and Economics, Issue 85. 2012
3. Capital Endowment, Credit Constraint and FDI: Analysis Based on Heterogeneous Firms, Frontiers of Economics in China, Volume 6 March 2011
Articles in Chinese:
1. Development and Recent Reform of USA’s State-owned Enterprises, Jilin University Journal Social Sciences Edition, 2006,1
2. The New Trends of Overseas Operations by Small and Medium Enterprises in Japan and It’s Enlightenment, Northeast Asia Forum, 2006,1
3. A Conception of the Establishment of Sino-Korean Free Trade Zone,
Journal of Jishou University (Social Sciences Edition), 2006,2
4. Experience on transformation of the Old Industrial Bases in Foreign Countries, Economic Review,2006,5
5. The Bipolar Theory of Exchange Rate System and East Asian Exchange Rate System Choice Analysis,     Changbai Journal, 2006,5
6. An Analysis on the New Classical Trade Theory, Jianghan Tribune, 2006,9
7. The Status, Causes and Countermeasures Jilin Province’s High Economic Growth and Low Employment Rate, Economic Review,2006,12
8. The Trend of the U.S. Economic Development in the Early 21st Century, Northeast Asia Forum, 2007,5
9.Changes in Investment Patterns in East-Asia and the impact of Japanese SMEs, International Economic Review, 2007,6
10.Experience of Europe's resource-based urban regeneration on revitalizing the northeast old industrial base in China's revelation, Jilin University Journal Social Sciences Edition, 2007,6
11. Financial-system innovation: The mechanism of micro-credit and fair distribution, Public Finance Research, 2008,1
12. An Analysis of the U.S. Economic Tendency, International Studies,2008,1
13. On Sino-Korean Free Trade of Agricultural Products and Countermeasures, Asia-Pacific Economic Review,  2008,1
14. The Trade Cooperation and Development Prospects between China and P.R. Mongolia, Northeast Asia Forum, 2008, 2
15. The three major risk of the U.S. economy and its impact on Sino-US economy, New Finance, 2008,3
16. The International Comparison of the Development of the Creative Industry and Its Enlightenment to China, Taxation and Economy, 2008,3
17. An Analysis of U.S. Comprehensive Economic Risk, Studies of International Finance,  2008,4
18.On the rise of sovereign wealth funds and their impact on the international financial system, Journal of Contemporary Asia-Pacific Studies, 2008,4
19. The history and achievements of the Chinese scientific and technological innovation system,  Jilin University Journal Social Sciences Edition,  2008,6
20. Study on the Financial tsunami on China's economy, New Long March Journal, 2009,1
21. Analysis of Status and prospects of the Sino-Russian energy and technical cooperation, Study & Exploration,  2009,2
22. Economic Analysis on New Protectionism, Northeast Asia Forum,  2009,3
23. New changes in the global financial crisis, trade protectionism of the U.S. and coping strategies for China, Social Science Front, 2009,12
24. From Closed to Open: Transformation of Japanese SMEs’ Innovation Mode, Northeast Asia Forum,  2010,5
25. New Trends of the Relationship between U.S. Small Business Innovation and Venture Capital, Jilin University Journal Social Sciences Edition, 2010,5
26. Sino-US trade imbalance Causes: Comments on whether RMB revaluation could solve Sino-US trade imbalance, Commercial Research, 2010, 7
27. Improve the innovation capacity of the state-owned enterprises: based on the perspective of the national innovation system, Comparative Economic & Social Systems, 2010, 6
Books in Chinese:
1. An Introduction to World Economy, Higher Education Press (China)
Political Economics, Higher Education Press(China)
2. International Trade Theory of Innovation, Jilin University Press
An Introduction to International Trade, Higher Education Press (China)
3. Foreign State Owned Corporate Reforms Studies, Economics Science Press (China)
4. History of International Economics, GuangMing News Press(China)
Translated Works:
 (With Prof. Ma Chunwen) People First: Original work by Amartya Sen and Bernardo Kliksberg, Changchun Press, 2012,1 


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