Dean Li Junjiang Attended the Comprehensive Development Research Center of China(Macao) in Macao
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The first Council of the Comprehensive Development Research Center of China(Macao) was held ceremoniously in Junyue Hotel in September 30th 2011.Cui Shian,the Chief Executive of Macao, He Houhua,the vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee,and Bai Zhijian,the director of the LOCPG,epigraphed together as an congratulation.Hu Zhengyao,the ministry of foreign affairs in Macao correspondent,Wei Jianguo,the general secretary of the China International Exchange Center,as well as more than 200 specialists and scholars attended the meeting.

The Comprehensive Development Research Center of China(Macao) was approved to establish by the Government of the district of Macao in June 2011.With the acceleration of the process of world economic integration,Macao plays a more and more important role in the communication of four districts of Cross-straits.,the theme and the influence of relevant meetings and forum held by Macao has been brought into focus day by day.The Comprehensive Development Research Center of China(Macao),which emerged as the times require,attracts representative specialists and scholars in various fields to participate in it.Its purpose is to strengthen the cooperation among inland universities,institutions and Macao,to serve for the economic development of the district of Macao, as well as to drive the improvement of Macao even the comprehensive national strength.

In this first Council,Professor Wang Shengjin,the deputy secretary and vice president of Jilin Universicy,was elected as the honorary chairman of this center,Li Junjiang,the Dean of Economics School ,was elected as the vice Chairman.(By Zhao Wanjun)

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