Series Activity of Economics School --The dinner party for foreign students held successfully in2011
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In the evening of 23th December, the Christmas ' dinner for foreign students sponsored by the graduate students affairs office of Economics School and the Graduate Union ended successfully in the Qianjin building. The guests who presents the dinner were: Dean of economics School Pro. Li Junjiang , Secretary of the Party teacher Bai Dafan ,Vice president Pro. Gao Yuanlu , Office Director teacher WuBo , GuoWei and ShenSi .The dinner party was presided over by teacher Wu Yingmin, students in charge of the postgraduate association of Economics School and foreign students that come from eleven countries attended the dinner party.

At the beginning of the party ,Dean of Economics School Li Junjiang delivered a Christmas and New Year's Address . First ,he wish foreign students at the dinner party could concern each other in their lives and help each other in academic studies during the study period in Economics School .The foreigners and the chinese students can forge a profound friendship during the study period in china .He hope that they can be the envoy of friendship of the two countries when they come back home. At last ,Professor Li sent his nice New year greetings and Christmas blessings to the foreign students.

Secretary of the Party teacher Bai Dafan and Vice president Gao Yuanlu also gave friendly speeches ,they wish the foreigners live a happy life and have a nice and happy study experience in china when they remind of it .

The old and the new foreign student representatives Han Chengzhen and Daniya delivered speeches respectively. They appreciated the teachers and students who gave them care and help so much during their studies in Economics school in Jilin university .The study life in china has reminded them of a wonderful memory and a precious friendship in their whole lives.In conclusion, they sent their best wishes to everyone in Christmas Day and The New Year's Day.

Office Director teacher WuBo GuoWei and ShenSi had also given talks and wish the foreigners would have a great progress in academic studies and merry Christmas!

In the end , the dinner party had a Satisfactory full stop in everyone's Cheers and laughters. The Activity has not only set a stage for foreign students to experience the culture of Jilin university more and promoted communications ,but also added a beautiful scenery line for our international campus.(By Fang Dong)

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