《Regionalization of the Renminbi》 and 《Cooperation between the Renminbi and the Yen》by Prof. Li Xiao Vice Dean of our school printed in HK
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Recently, 《Regionalization of the Renminbi》 and 《Cooperation between the Renminbi and the Yen》by Professor Li Xiao, Vice Dean of the School of Economics, were published by Enrich Professional Publishing in Hong Kong. These two books published in English reveal the increasing widespread influence of achievements obtained by the research team, headed by Professor Li Xiao in these years. These achievements greatly promote international development in economic research and teaching, strengthen international communication and cooperation and foster thorough research of Regionalization and internationalization of the RMB in Economics in our university.

《Regionalization of the Renminbi》, written by Professor Li Xiao in collaboration with Professor Ding Yibing in our school, was published in June, 2010 by Tsinghua University Press. This book is the ending result of research on regionalization of the RMB, a national funded social science program hosted by Professor Li Xiao and was evaluated excellent. The core opinion in this book is that regionalization of the RMB is the only way to internationalization of it. Summarizing theories and experiences about regionalization and internationalization, the authors discuss the necessity, feasibility and detailed pushing pattern about regionalization of the RMB, with frontier theoretical framework and econometric methods. With China’s improved status and increasing impact in regional even global economy, RMB is also strengthening its status and impact. Therefore, how to achieve internationalization of RMB becomes a practical and significant topic. This book, 《Regionalization of the Renminbi》, is meaningful to pronounce the special proceed of internationalization of currency in developing economic power. In addition, it provides new prospect and mentality for establishing policies and studying relevant theories.

《Cooperation between the Renminbi and the Yen》is the cooperative work of many scholars from China and Japan, such as Professor Li Xiao and Professor Kamikawa Takao, Dean of the School of Economics of Yokohama National University, who are both the editors of this book. It is published both in China by Tsinghua University Press and in Japan by Spring Breeze Press at the same time. Analyzing the effects of global financial crisis on international economy, especially the East Asia economy, the authors focus on the prospect of monetary and financial cooperation in East Asia and the necessity and feasibility of cooperation between RMB and Yen in this proceed. Additionally, the book forecasts the economic development in post crisis era in East Asia. As the great influence resulted from the book at home, it is classified as an appointed book in libraries all over the country and praised by the Economics and Finance in Japan. This publication, in Hong Kong, is translated by Tsinghua University Press, reflecting the wide impact in academia in China. (By Yang Suyi )

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