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Professor LI Zheng
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Updated: July 2010

Professor of Economics
Department of Economics, Economics School of Jilin University
2699 Qianjin Street , Changchun, Jilin Province, P.R. China, 130012
Tel: +86-431-85168834(O)
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Economics     School of Jilin University    
Ph.D. in Economics    
July, 2003    
Business     School of Jilin University    
MSc. in Management    
March, 1999    
Business     School of Jilin University    
B.A. in Economics    
July, 1996    

TITLE OF DOCTORAL THESIS: The Mechanism of the Growth of Chinese Firms
Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Entrepreneurial Economics, Firm Theory, China Economy
Topics of interest:
Entrepreneurship, innovation and economic growth
The emergence of entrepreneurial economics
Policies to foster entrepreneurship and innovation
Creating an entrepreneurial economy in China
Human Capital of Entrepreneurs
China’s State-owned enterprises
Academic Positions:
2009-Present            Professor in Economics, Jilin University
2006-2009               Associate Professor in Economics, Jilin University
2001-2006               Lecturer in Economics, Jilin University
1999-2001               Teaching Assistant in Economics, Jilin University
International Affiliations:
Visiting scholar, School of Entrepreneurship and Business of University of Essex, United Kingdom, Oct.2006 - Jan. 2007.
The exclusive representative of The Farrell Company’s (TFC) training products and services in China, 2004 - Present.
Visiting scholar and post-doctoral researcher, the Faculty of Economics and Econometrics, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Oct.2003 - Sept. 2004.
Professional Activities and Services:
Member of Editorial Committee Board of Review of Public Sector Economics, 2009 –Present.
Vice Dean, Economics School, Jilin University, 2008 – Present.
Deputy Director, China Centre for Public Sector Economy Research of Jilin University, 2008 – 2010.
Researcher at the Research Centre of Entrepreneurial Management of Nankai University, 2006 – Present.
Post-doctoral research, Business School of Nankai University, 2005 – 2008.
Invited expert at China Development Bank, 2005.
Guest consultant of China Enterprise Goeasy Management Consulting Co. 2001 – 2002.
Researcher at the China Centre for Public Sector Economy Research of Jilin University, 2001 – Present.
Intel Company and Tsinghua University, Intel-Tsinghua Technology Entrepreneurship Curriculum Workshop (July 10 to 11, 2006).
Babson College and Business School of Nankai University, the Symposium for Entrepreneurship Educators (April 12 to 14, 2006).
Awards and Honors:

Tianjin     Award for Excellent Post-doctor    
Award for the Honorable Mention National Excellent PhD dissertation and Award for Jilin Province Excellent PhD dissertation    
Huygens grant from Nuffic (the Netherlands)    
State Scholarship Fund Award, China Scholarship Council    
Award for Excellent Papers on Social Sciences of Jilin Province    
Elite Cup Award for Excellent Papers of Jilin University    
Yoshikazu Sasakawa     Academic Achievements     of the Tokyo Yoshikazu Sasakawa Fund    

·         The 12th five-year plan on high-tech industry development in Changchun, funded by Changchun government, funded by Changchun government, 2010.
·         Fostering high-tech enterprises in Jilin Province ( 20090616 ), funded by Jilin government, 2010.
·         Entrepreneurship education and employment of university students (2008JC006), funded by Jilin University, 2009.
·         The operation model of technology incubator in Changchun, funded by the government of Changchun city (08RK33) 2008.
·         Sub-project of the Key program “Mechanism of new venture emergence and the growth model”, national nature science fund ( 70732004 ), 2007.
·         Creating the entrepreneurship support system in Jilin province ( 2006012 ), funded by the Government of Jilin province, 2006.
·         Comparative study on the development of entrepreneurship in North-east China, funded by Heilongjiang Province.
·         The key successful factors and mechanism during the process of corporate entrepreneurship in large established firms (2005038457) , funded by Ministry of Personnel of China 2005.
·         The environment for the growth of firms in North-east China, funded by China Enterprise Confederation & China Enterprise Directors Association, 2005.
·         Research on entrepreneurial economy theory and policy, funded by Jilin University, 2004.
·         The Comparative Study of Family Enterprises and Their Evolutionary Patterns in the World (2001XX020), funded by Jilin University, 2001.
·         Coordinated Reforms of the Large-sized and Medium-sized State-owned Enterprises in the Old Industrial Bases and in the Difficulties and the Countermeasures (98JAZD790006), funded by Ministry of Education, 1999.
Chair of Paper Session. 2010 Young Scholars’ Symposium on Chinese Economic Development, Key Research Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences in Universities (Economics), Changchun, 6 April, 2010.
Keynote presentation at “2010 World Summit on Innovation Economy”, organized by Subcommittee Education, Science, Culture, Health and Sports of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), All-China Federation of Industry & Commerce and The National Association of Vocational Education of China, Nantong, China, 28-29 March 2010.
Title: the Development of entrepreneurial economy and the Training of Innovative Talents 
Executive Conference chair of the International conference on State-owned Enterprise under the International Financial Crisis, 2009 Symposium on the Development of Chinese State-Owned Economy, China Center for Public Sector Economy Research of Jilin University, Beijing, 15-16 August, 2009.
Keynote presentation at “Korea & China Economic Cooperation since the World Financial Crisis”, The 2nd Seminar for friendship between institute for East Asia Economy, Chosun University, Korea and China Center for Public Sector Economy Research, Jilin University, China. Chosun University, Gwangju, Korea, 15 June, 2009.
Title: the Countermeasure against Financial Crisis of China’s State-owned Enterprises
Keynote presentation at the international conference on “Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Employment & Scientific Development”, Global Entrepreneurial Economy Forum, organized by The National Association of Vocational Education of China, Beijing, 30, November, 2008.
Title: Strategies for the Development of Entrepreneurial Economy in China Countering International Financial Economics
Keynote presentation at Young Scholar Forum, “2008 International Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship”, hosted by Jilin University and Thunderbird, USA, Changchun, China, 1 November 2008.
Title:A Study on the Interactions between Technology Industry and Higher Education Institutions in China
Presentation at “GEM Global Forum”, Hosted byLondon Business School and Babson College, London, UK, 10 January 2007.
Presentation at 2nd Interdisciplinary European Conference on Entrepreneurship Research, hosted by University of Regensburg, Germany, 18-20 February 2004.
Presentation at “International Symposium on Entrepreneurship Research and Education”, Hosted by Business School of Nankai University and Babson College, USA, Tianjin, China, 11 April 2006.
Presentation at “ National University 's Symposium on Social Economic Theory and Practice”, 2007,2008,2009,2010.
Presentation at Symposium on the Development of Chinese State-Owned Economy, 2004,2005,2007,2009
Seminar at the Amsterdam Business School (ABS), the Netherlands on “Entrepreneurship in China”, 2004.
Seminar at Zhuhai College on “the Entrepreneurial Economy and the Transformation of China’s Economic Growth Pattern”, 2010.
Articles in English:
- (With He B., Vinig G.T.) Entrepreneurship, Technological Progress and Resource Allocation Efficiency: A Case of China, Journal of Chinese Entrepreneurship , 2010 (3), forthcoming.
- (With Dai S.P.) Which Theory Is Directing China’s Reform of State-Owned Enterprises: From 1978 to 2008 and Onward? , Journal of the East Asian Studies, 2009(1) 319-342..
- (With Song D. L.) Cu l tural Genes, the Trust Model and the Specialization and Internationalization of the Management of Chinese Family Enterprises, in John H. Dunning & Tsai-Mei Lin (ed.), Multinational Enterprises And Emerging Challenges, Edward Elgar Publishing, 2007, pp.223-244.
- (With Dai S. P., Zheng P.) Which Theory Is Directing China's Reform of State-Owned Enterprises: From 1978 to 2008 and Onward? CEA (UK) 2008 Conference Papers, http://www.ceauk.org.uk/search/
- (With Vinig G.T., van der Voort R.) Entrepreneurship as Population Behavior –Evolutionary Game Analysis , the Babson-Kauffman Conference on Entrepreneurship Research (25th Anniversary), 9-11 June 2005, Boston USA.
- (With Vinig G. T.) A Game Theory Model for the Choice to Become Entrepreneur, The Interdisciplinary European Conference on Entrepreneurship (IECER), 9-11 January 2004. Regensburg University, Germany.
Articles in Chineses:
- What does the State Advances as the Private Sector Retreats Means? Social Science Journal, 2010 (5), forthcoming.
- China’s Entrepreneurial Economy Strategy after the Financial Crisis S tudy & exploration 2010(1) 186-172.
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- The Historical Review of the China’s State-owned Enterprise Reform Review of Political Economy 2008 (2) 36-50.
- Job Creation via Fostering Entrepreneurship S tudy & Exploration 2008(6) 163-165.
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- (With Jin X.T.), On the Establishment of Chinese Compensation System for Agriculture Calamities: Experience of Japan and America, C ontemporary Economy of Japan 2008 (5):47-52.
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- Grasping the New Historical Opportunity to Quicken the Development of the Old Industrial Bases. People Daily (pages of academia), Dec 26, 2000.
Books in Chinese:
- The Mechanism and Policy Required To Create “The Entrepreneurial Economy”, Social Sciences A cademic Press (China) 2010, f orthcoming.
- (With Xu C.C.) Report on Countermeasures against Financial Crisis of China's Central Enterprises , China Economy Press, 2010, f orthcoming.
The Development of China’ State-owned Economy during the International Financial Crisis, Jilin University Press, 2009.
- (With Jin C.X., Yuan N.) Economic Nature of Power, Jilin People’ Publishing House, 2008.
- (With Zhang Y. L.) Research and Practice on Entrepreneurship Education in the innovation age , Modern Education Press, 2006.
- The Mechanism of the Growth of Chinese Firm, Economic Science Press, 2005.
Translated Works:
- (With Pan Y.) Entrepreneurship for Scientists and Engineers China Machine Press, 2009.
- ( With Yang X.F.) The entrepreneurial Age Awakening the Spirit of Enterprise in People, Companies, and Countries, Tsinghua University Press, 2006.

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