From the Dean
Words from Professor Li Junjiang, Dean of Economics School

The Jilin University, Economics School, formerly known as the Harbin University Social Science Academy, Economics Department, was founded in 1946 by the famous economist Professor Guan Mengjue. In 1952, the University changed its name to the Northeast People's University, and added the Trade, Cooperation, and Economics majors. In the past half century, the continuous efforts of several generations have created one of the nation’s first Bachelors to Masters to Ph.D. to Postdoctorate economics education systems. We are among the finest economics school of the country, highly acclaimed by both Party and government leaders; we are certified for first class Ph.D. studies in theoretical economics and applied economics, postdoctoral studies in theoretical economics, and are the site of the Ministry of Education Social Science Department Research and Development Center, the “China Center for Public Sector Economy Research”. When the School of Economics and Management was established in 1985, Comrade Chen Yun, former Vice-Chairman of the CPC Central Committee, director of the Central Advisory Commission, personally inscribed the school name. In 1995, on the School’s 10th anniversary, Comrade Li Lanqing, former member of the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau Standing Committee, Vice Premier, and part-time professor at Jilin University, wrote his message of congratulation in person.

In accordance with the long term objectives of Jilin University, the School of Economics should especially be recognized for its outstanding and international influence with regards to personnel training, scientific research, professionalization, and faculty training. Therefore, taking advantage of the University’s restructuring, we look to promote the mutual development of sciences and humanities, explore the creation of new subjects, and open up a broader field of research for teachers and students in market-related subjects, such as, Law Economics, Health Economics, Quantitative Finance and Actuarial Sciences, Asset Evaluation, etc; proceed in encouraging young teachers to pursue doctorates in order to increase the education level of the faculty; work to improve the level of scientific research, understanding of emerging trends in economic theories and applications, continuously contribute to the important research breakthroughs, and always be in the forefront of contemporary economic research; enhance foreign academic exchanges and cooperation, and explore new areas of joint personnel training with reknowned foreign academic and research institutions. Today, faculty and students of the School of Economics are fighting to realize their goals and dreams with the spirit of Jilin University, to “Discover and Innovate, Dream and Grow”.

We have every reason to believe that the Jilin University Economics School is on the path to a glorious future!

(By Peng Chen)

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